Wednesday, June 25

No big Deal

People don’t listen anymore when someone says no big deal and think maybe there is a point they haven’t added.  We get defensive because of where our minds go.   When your words or no big deal, why do people make a big deal?   Life would be so different if people actually did the work they are best at.  As you go through life you have so many circumstances that form your decisions or responses of things in the future.  When someone gives you their opinion on something, think of circumstances that could have formed this. Opinion is just that your view.  I may not agree with it and then I may also give you my view, but isn’t that called conversation, putting my two cents in which is formed by whatever attitude you are in at that moment.

Monday, December 16

Merry Christmas from Maude

This time of year is for reflections. Over the years I have had some so called friends that weren’t really there for me when I was questioning life events, but then I have some that were there for me.  As we take this journey we find the real people in our life and hopefully we see the good in people before we see the bad.  We all have an effect on each and every person we meet and hopefully they see the good in us when we don’t even know we are showing it.  I hope this Christmas season makes you realize the importance of that word.   Love is all around us, if we are ready to receive it.  
                                                     Merry Christmas to all

Wednesday, September 4

My Summer

It's been a fast Summer.  New grandson, lost a friend, and another friend did exactly what I had always ask her not to ever do. My grandson is the most beautiful person.  He smiles all the time and I don't think I have ever really heard him cry.
I was there to see my old friend who would have been 95 in October to cross over.  She crossed over with the angels all around her.  Her daughters had a baby monitor on her and you could see the angels  all around her.  She went peaceful to her maker. 

Friendship is a funny thing, when you get tramped on you have to step back and assess the fall out.

Mad and hurt.  I heard the word Mad used but I never heard the word hurt used.  Concern is a funny thing, when you don't back it up with actions is it really concern or are you afraid that person might get mad at what you did?

My Summer has been full of ups and downs and in this it flu by.  I'm a hot weather person and I am not looking forward to Winter, but on the other hand when it's here I have Summer to look forward too.  I know this coming year is going to be wonderful because in all of the bad this year, lots of Beautiful things happened.

Thursday, April 25

Time to review

It’s been a while since I posted something.  I’ve been watching for several years how social media has been evolving.   Four years later they are still saying the same things.  They have not come up with anything new which means, experts are saying the same old story but all you need are two words.  Common Sense.
Do you have common sense are do you think it won’t caught up to you.   I was looking at Twitter and I’m not seeing the fun chit chat that I use to see.  Has it become all business? Or is it all scheduled?  Either way,  will that bring you the business you want?  Maybe you need to rethink what you want to accomplish and make a plan. If you build it they will come, does not work if the chit chat is not there.

On the home front
I've been painting, making new curtains and baking.  I visit FB to keep up with what family and friends are doing but sometimes the links they drop all the time from other sources get to be annoying.  A comment made me sad yesterday.  Cloudy days and rain makes me sad.  What do you do when you are sad?  I rearrange, redo my home or get into a project to get my mind off it.
I have a new grandson.  That is the sunshine in my life, my grandchildren.   
Take time for family and friends and the world starts shining.